Weightloss Treatments

Vpm Presents You With Advanced Medical Technologies For Weight Loss, Based On Scientific Principles As Per Individual Needs, Body Composition, Health Status And Medical Assessment Our Various Range Of Treatments Protocols And Our Team Of Doctors, From Dieticians, Physiotherapists And Therapist Pledge To Promote Overall Wellbeing And Healthy Weight Loss

* Starts With 5 Kg Program

Trim Treatments

Vpm Introduces You To An Advance Treatment That Gives Channel Of Benefits Involving Body Toning, Spot Reduction, Even Skintone And Figure Correction.

Target Areas: Tummy/Hips/Thighs/Arms

Venous Legacy

(The Highly Advanced Non-Invasive Medical Device That Effectively Resolves Challenging Face And Body Aesthetic Needs, Such As Non-Surgical Circumferential Reduction, Cellulite Reduction, Skin Tightening, And Wrinkle Reduction)

**Wow Results Can Seen On Saggy Skin
Target Areas: Tummy/Hips/Thighs/Arms/Chin/Face


Get Better Results For Body Slimming Treatment With Cryo Lipo Reduction + Shock-Wave + Quad Cavitation + Ice Radio-Frequency. Mega Slim 6x Is Integrated With Innovative Technology By 4 Core System.

Cryo Lipo Reduction; Fat Cells Are Exposed To Precise Cooling, They Trigger A Process Of Natural Removal

Shock-Wave; Increase Microcirculation, Oxygen Supply And Metabolic Rate In Affected Area.

Quad Cavitation; Technology Will Yield Much Enhanced Body Slimming Result

Ice Radio-Frequency; Collagen Refill Technology, The Natural Healing Process Evokes The Fibroblasts To Produce New Collagen Fibers.


Advanced Cooling Technology To Target Fat Bulges Selectively And Eliminate Fat Cells Through A Gradual Process That Does Not Harm The Surrounding Tissues, Reduce Unwanted Fat. When Fat Cells Are Exposed To Precise Cooling, They Trigger A Process Of Natural Removal That Gradually Reduces The Thickness Of The Fat Layer, And The Fat-Cells In The Treated Area Are Gently Eliminated Through The Body’s Normal Metabolism Process, To Eliminate Unwanted Fat.

Therapy Based Treatments

Vpm Proudly Introduces You To A Channel Of Therapy Based Treatments Involving Cellulite Reduction, Toning The Body, Increasing The Blood Circulation, Reducing The Stress And Pain Relief.

*Detox Treatment – Removing The Toxins Through The Lymphatic Drainage
*Analgesic Treatment – Relaxing The Muscles And Relieves Pain
*Kizhi Treatment- Herbal Therapy Involving In Stress Relief
*Herbal Anticellulite Treatment- Reduces The Cellulite And Helps In Toning
*Relaxation Treatment- Relaxes The Nerves And Relives Stress
*Manual Lymphatic Treatment-It Will Detoxify And Remove Impurities.

Skin Care


Antiagaing treatment.

Fruit Facial

Gold Facial

Eye Energy

Regene Face

Rejuve RF

Anti pigmentation

Jansen Whitening

Anti Tan

Vit C

Anti Acne.



Medicated Facial

Oxygeneo pollagen Facial



Laser Hair Removal

We provide most advanced machines with gas and air cooling techniques suitable for all skin types.

تتم عملية ازاله الشعر بالليزر بأحدث الأجهزة المزوده بالتبريد والمناسبه لجميع انواع البشره.

Q Switched Laser

Used for pigmentation treatments, co2 peel,tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation treatments.

تولدينا ليزر لعلاج تصبغات البشره والتقشير الكربوني،وتفتيح ونضاره البشره.


Its natural non-surgical collagen stimulation for face tightening and lifting.

تتقنيه الهايفو هي عمليه تحفيز الكولاجين طبيعه دون تدخل جراحي لهدف شد الوجه والرقبه.

Chemical Peels

There superficial and deep peels. Used as anti aging treatments ،for acne and pigmentation treatments.

تالتقشير الكيميائي هناك تقشير سطحي وعميق ويستخدم لعلاج علامات تقدم العمر ،وعلاج التصبغات وحب الشباب.


Anti aging and antiwrinkle treatments. Also used for excess sweat treatments underarm and hands.

تعلاجات البوتكس لعلاج تجاعيد الوجه وعلامات تقدم العمر.كما يستخدم لعلاج فرط التعرق تحت الابط واليد..


Restoring volume,contouring, lifting and glowing of the face and improving darkness around and under the eyes.

تتستخدم علاجات الفيلر لتعبئه وتحديد الوجه وتحسين من الهالات السوداء حول العين.


Platelet rich plasma used for skin rejuvenation, glowing, improving acne scars and pigmentation.

تتستخدم علاجات البلازما لنضاره البشره وتحسين ندب حب الشباب والتصبغات ومقاومه التجاعيد.


Used for skin rejuvenation, glowing, Acne,scar and pigmentation treatments.

تتستخدم علاجات الميزوثيرابي لنضاره البشره وعلاج مشاكل حب الشباب والتصبغات.

Anti Acne Treatments

Different lines as chemicals peels,facials ,mesotherapy to dry acne and improve the acne scars.

تعلاجات لحب الشباب من تقشير كيميائي وميزوثيرابي لتقليل حب الشباب وآثاره علي البشره.

Gold Stamp

This recent microneedling injection with golden needles to help skin rejuvenation and glowing.

تتستخدم تقنيه ابر الدهب لحقن الميزوثيرابي وتحفيز الكولاجين لإعطاء نضاره طبيعيه للبشره.

Dermapen Treatments

Used for skin rejuvenation, acne scar treatments , fine lines and open pores treatments in combination with prp or mesotherapy.

تعلاجات الدراما بن مع البلازما او الميزوثيرابي يستخدم في علاج اثار حب الشباب والندب والمسامات الواسعه وشد ونضاره البشره .

Duet RF

Used for treatment of acne,acne scars and open pores.

تيستخدم هذه التقنيه للعلاج من حب الشباب والعلامات الناتجه عنه وعلاج المسامات الواسعه.


It's based machine facial for deep cleaning for face and glowing with nourishing skin with multivitamins.

تعلاجات الفيشيل (تنظيف بشره)،تنظيف عميق للبشره والمسامات عن طريق جهاز


Taking proper care of teeth nd gum is a lifelong commitment.


We cover all the dental services


Filling And Repair

Root Canal Treatment

Crowns And Caps

Bridges And Implants

Teeth Whitening

Hollywood Smiles.. etc