We Have Branches All Over Middle East.

Give us a call or send an email. If you are traveling to our clinic for an appointment, confirm the correct street address with your appointment staff ahead of time to avoid frustration. For more help with specific addresses see below.

Saudi Arabia

Jeddah National Hospital

145 Macronas St., P.O Box 8564,

Jeddah, 21492, Saudi Arabia

Phone : +966126710040

Whatsapp: +966552406733

Website: www.jnhsa.com

Saudi Arabia

Al Ryan polyclinic

King Saud Street, Al Khalij

Dammam, 32425

Saudi Arabia

Phone : +966538505151

Website: www.al-ryan-polyclinic-dammam.business.site

Saudi Arabia

Taj Polyclinic

Al Mahjar, Television Street.

Gulail, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Email : tajpoly@gmail.com

Phone : +966216355715

Website: http://www.jnhsa.com/

Saudi Arabia

Al Hijaz Polyclinic

King Fahd Rd, Al Kandarah,

Jeddah 22242, Saudi Arabia

Phone : +966126317126

Saudi Arabia

Al Salama Polyclinic

Al Mahjar, Jeddah 22424, Saudi Arabia

Gulail, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Phone : +966122682862


Al Amal hospital Bahrain

Phone : +97317602602

Email : info@alamal-hospital.arg

Website: www.alamalhospital.me


I care Mediacal Center

Al Marijah Street – Sharjah

United Arab Emirates

Phone : +065690569

Saudi Arabia

Al Ryan International Polyclinic

Po Box No:222

Assad Bin Al-forat Street - Ghorabi Crossbatha - Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Email : :alryanpolyclinic@gmail.com

Phone : +011 4011833

Phone : +011 4038896

Website: www.alryanriyadh.com